How Can Chiropractic Help You?

Chiropractic Philosophy differs dramatically from the traditional medical philosophy of health. The medical establishment believes that in a diseased state, drugs can bring a body back to a healthy state. Organs are sometimes removed or transplanted to keep the system ‘functioning’. This approach to health is termed an “outside-in” approach, because external factors such as drugs and surgery are used to treat a condition.

Chiropractic Philosophy, on the other hand, is built on the philosophy that your body’s intelligence system flows via the nervous system to organs, tissue, and every last cell of your body. Since the human body is designed to self-heal and self-regulate, a blockage in the nervous system in the form of subluxation will impair the “signal flow” along the nerves’ paths. This causes malfunction in the body, eventually resulting in disease.

The chiropractic approach is to stimulate the body – through adjustments – to correct itself naturally and without the sometimes harmful external influences. This approach to health is termed an “Inside-out” approach.

Chiropractic treatment neither removes nor adds anything to the body. It stimulates self-healing, the way our bodies were designed to overcome disease and distress.